What I Am Thankful For

It’s that time of year again – time to reflect and recall all the things that we are most thankful for.

Things I Am Thankful For Thanksgiving

Last week, I went into full life crisis mode: I haven’t traveled enough. My dreams seem to be getting further and further away. I have a fancy degree and am not making millions.

Basically, I fail at life. Or so I thought.

By the time this week rolled around, I began to change my tune. I was reminded of all the awesome memories and wonderful opportunities that I enjoyed this year. Yes, I may have a birthday curse. I may not be rollin’ in the money or jet-setting around the world. And I may need to be given a swift kick in the butt sometimes to remember to love my body. But there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

I am one lucky lady! And here are 5 reasons why:

5. My job

My job rocks! My commute is basically the walk from my bed to the living room. And I can lounge around in my PJ’s while I work. I’d say that’s definitely a win!

Eternally Wanderlyn at Work, I'm thankful for

4. New experiences

This year I was on a mission to try new things, but somehow, the experiences that I had planned on didn’t work out. Maybe I should just embrace a spontaneous life. Anyways, I did manage to throw in a few unplanned experiences that were completely amazing: I went camping in the Texas hill country, visited the Natural Bridge Caverns in New Braunfels, started a new blog, explored little towns around Texas and attended Comic Con in Austin! I guess sometimes the best memories are those that stem from randomness.

I'm thankful for, Camping in the Texas Hill Country

I'm thankful for

3.  Concerts

This year I had the luxury of singing along (badly) with some of my favorite artists live! I had amazing seats (or standing room) at EVERY concert allowing me great views of all the awesomeness! I’m completely grateful for the opportunities to ogle Adam Levine, relive my teen years at a Backstreet Boys concert, and be completely blown away by Mumford and Sons.

I'm thankful for, Mumford and Sons Concert


2.  My peeps

I am always grateful for my unbelievable support system of family and friends that love, accept and support me. They can always be counted on for a good laugh, hug, or therapy session. And when I just don’t feel like chatting, I can always turn to my babies for a good snuggle session. What more could a girl ask for?

Things I am Thankful for

1.  Becoming an aunt

My number one reason to be thankful this year is, quite simply, my niece, Ava. She is the newest addition to our family and my very first niece. I’m so very excited and thankful to be a part of this little girl’s life as she grows and matures into the wonderful woman I know that she’ll be. Plus, I can totally spoil her!

Minky Baby Blanket, Things I Am Thankful For

The baby blanket I made for my niece when she was born.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? And what memories do you most cherish?