Getting My Geek On at Comic Con

This past Saturday the manfriend and I had the chance to fully geek out at our very first Comic Con. While it was too cold and rainy to wear our costumes, we did enjoy ogling the celebs and everyone else’s costume like the true creepers that we are. Hey, it’s creepers like us that keep those celebs in business!

Here are some of the highlights from the Wizard World Comic Con:

Stan Lee

Not only is Stan Lee completely brilliant, charming and adorable, but he’s absolutely hilarious. We had front row seats to the Stan Lee Q&A, aka the Stan Lee comedy hour, where his fans could pick his brain about anything from how he met his wife to his wonderful pieces of work. His responses were thoughtful, intelligent, and pack full of humor, which only made me love him that much more. He even had some wonderful advice for all us writers:  Do what you love. Don’t write for everybody else.

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Stan Lee Birthday Cake, Stan Lee 91 Birthday

Stan “The Man” Lee

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Stan Lee Birthday Cake, Stan Lee 91 Birthday

Because Stan’s birthday is on the 28th, they surprised him with an awesome birthday cake, while the audience serenaded him with Happy Birthday. It’s hard to believe the man is about to be 91!

The excitement only continued when the Q&A’s started. We were only about 2 questions in when this young man took the mic and proceeded to say, “I love you Stan, but my question isn’t for you. It’s for my girlfriend.” He then proceeded to propose to his girlfriend who was sitting in the front row. Apparently, this was the 3rd proposal Stan Lee has witnessed! He must inspire geeks everywhere to unite.

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Stan Lee

The Captains – Bakula and Shatner

Scott Bakula and William Shatner shared a Q&A session, but somehow most of the questions were directed towards Bakula. I really enjoyed seeing the camaraderie between these two. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company and crack each other up. Just look at this photo of them laughing together.

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Bakula and Shatner

Bruce Campbell vs. The Audience

Bruce Campbell’s Q&A was definitely a comedy session. He picked on the audience members, tore apart their questions, and continuously joked on stage. He even managed to get a few propositions in the middle of his Q&A. You go, Glen Coco!

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Bruce Campbell

“We’ll have a drink called The Tin Roof. It’s on the house.” – Bruce Campbell

A Boondock Saint – Sean Patrick Flanery

Sean Patrick Flanery is amazingly real, down to earth, hilariously funny and cusses like a sailor. He regaled us with gut-busting stories from his life and experiences on set, while also demonstrating a real appreciation for his fans. Flanery really knows how to fill a room with laughter.

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Sean Patrick Flanery at Comic Con, Boondock Saints

Best Costumes

Here are just a few of the awesome costumes I came across during Comic Con. Check out more photos on the Facebook page.

Captain America Costume, Wizard World Comic Con Austin

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Dr Who Costume

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Ghostbusters Costume

Wizard World Comic Con Austin, Alien vs Predator Costume

Check out more photos on my Facebook page.

Have you attended Comic Con? What were some of the best costumes you saw? What were your favorite panels? Leave me some love and let me know.

  • Brita Long

    My husband and I attended one of the Wizard World Comic Cons last year, in Columbus, Ohio! William Shatner was there too, but his Q&A was solo. He’s hilarious!

    • Eternally WanderLyn

      Poor Shatner. At the Q&A with Scott Bakula, most of the questions were directed towards Bakula. Though Shatner didn’t seem to mind. He seemed happy to direct the questions towards him anyway. Hah.