My Life in Movie Quotes

My friends and I are basically masters of movie quotes. We can have complete conversations based in movie dialogue and snippets, so when I saw Helene’s post, ‘A Day in Movie Quotes,’   I knew I had to borrow the idea for my blog.

A day in my life would look something like this:

Starting work at 6 AM:

Devil Wears Prada Quotes

Eating lunch:

Easy A, A Day in Movie Quotes

Deciding to start a blog:

Easy A

Calling my friends:

Heavyweights Movie Quotes

Encouraging my friends:

Mean Girls Movie Quotes

When I’m driving:


Paying bills:

Bridesmaids Movie Quotes

Before a workout:

Pitch Perfect Movie Quotes

After a workout:

Clueless Movie Quotes

When someone insults me:

Easy A Movie Quotes

When Troy annoys me:

Sandlot Quotes

But then again …

Love Actually Movie Quotes

When people think my skirt is too short:

Easy A Movie Quotes

And when Friday finally rolls around:

Bridesmaids Quote

What movie or  movie quotes would you use in your life?

  • Helene

    haha love it!! all of these are so good!

    • Eternally WanderLyn

      Heh. Thanks for the inspiration! I really loved your post. :)