The Real World: Extra Edition

The Real World, Movie Extra

100 strangers were picked to be extras in a movie …

So if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might already know that I was picked to be an extra in a feature film. How awesome is that?! Well, it gets even better. They bussed 100 Hispanic people, myself included, from Houston to New Orleans and set us up in hotels for the week. Score!

It’s safe to say all of us extras are getting know one another pretty well. We traveled together from Texas. We ride to and from set together where we work together for at least 10 hours. And we even go out together. But when you group 100 people together, especially Hispanics, you’re going to get some pretty interesting dynamics. It’s basically been like one giant episode of The Real World.

You essentially have 7 types of people:

The Party People

These are the people who are constantly talking about going out and getting drunk. It’s all they can talk about on set and all they can think about all day. Then the minute we reach our hotel they’re pouring into cabs heading down to Bourbon Street. They’re pretty easy to spot the next morning on set. Just look for the ones with their heads down that look like they got hit by a train.

The Flirts

No Real World season would be complete without a few (or a lot) of random hook ups. That’s where the flirts come in. They’re the ones walking around giggling at the opposite sex and teasing their way into flirty banter. You can find them by looking for the little couples on set off to the side.

The Flighty Girls

These girls aren’t necessarily bimbos, but they sure like to act like it. As part of the flirty group, they play the helpless, little girl card to get their way on set, behind the scenes, and at the hotel. I actually find these to be some of the most annoying people. I just don’t like it when people play stupid. You can be a person of substance and still be attractive.

The Bros

Everyone knows these guys. They’re the group of guys that hang out together and bro out. They talk about all the hotties, including the celebrities on set, and their plans for hooking up. Then they head out at night as a group to party and meet some ladies.

The Anger Management Cases

Quite possible the most volatile of the group, the ‘Anger Management Cases’ are those with the shortest fuses. Quick to anger and first to complain, these would be the people that you would want to stay far away from. They’re just a recipe for disaster.

The Party Poopers

The party poopers, good girls or responsible ones, whatever you want to call them, are the ones that actually go to sleep at a decent hour because they know that they have to be up for a 4:30 AM call time. They also pass on a night out, so that they can rest after spending 13 hours in the sun. I just might fall into this category. Of course, everyone already knows I love my sleep.

The Resident ‘Mom’

The resident mom or den mom is basically the mother on set. She worries about the safety of others and tries to offer them friendly advice. She really mothers everybody!

Well, we have the day off so I’m off to explore New Orleans. But first, tell me which group would you fall into?
  • Nicola

    Fab post my lovely. Oh what movie you gonna be in? Are there lots of celebs to drool over LOL .
    I would probably fall under the party pooper or mothering group. I love myself too much and although once I used to be a party animal I just can’t handle it these days :(

  • Sammy @ Days Like This

    Which movie is this for!? How awesome!!

  • Leah

    Ooh congrats! Now spill – which film?! I’d veer between the party animal and the party pooper depending on my mood.

  • Kate

    How fun! Can’t wait to hear more about it. I’d probably be the mom. I am always fretting and checking on people.

  • Mariah-Food, Booze, & Baggage

    Awesome, I want to go to New Orleans! This is so cool!

  • Jana @ Jana Says

    I am definitely the mom of the group. I can’t help it.

    I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip. I was in NOLA last month for a blogging conference and it was an interesting city to say the least. Hope you’re having fun!

  • Andrea @ The Pineapple Cake

    Sounds like a really exciting week or so in New Orleans, I’ve never been but I hear it’s great for those party people and also for foodies..
    I would totally be the party pooper of the group, going to bed early, not going out to party – that’s always been me. But if you found me some good food/cocktails somewhere maybe I’d push my bedtime back a bit…. but couldn’t be surrounded by the party people, I would just get annoyed.

  • lisacng @

    Have fun and enjoy New Orleans! You’ve characterized this group to a tee. I’d probably be a party pooper too. Not the mom since I really don’t care about the well fare of people being stupid. Is there an eye roll category? Because I’d be doing this a lot at the other groups.

  • Lindsay T.

    bahaha this is so funny and SO cool that you get to be an extra!

  • Danielle Eskdale

    Such an awesome experience for you. I’d of loved to of been an extra when they were filming for Harry Potter near my hometown but didn’t hear about it until too late.

    I would sooo be the party pooper too!!


  • Kristen

    i would definitely be a party pooper! especially if i was there to work – no shame :)