5 Ways to Be More Productive

ways to increase productivity, ways to be more productive

It’s no secret that I enjoy lounging around in my pajamas all day, snuggling with my fur babies and watching Netflix. Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to find a way to get paid for my awesome snuggling skills and Netflix marathoning, so being productive is a vital part of my life. It enables me to get shit done and still enjoy quality time with my television fur babies.

Here are my top 5 ways to be more productive:

1. Implement the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle basically says that 80% of our results comes from 20% of our input or effort. So focus on the tasks that will give you the greater outcome. Not only will you get better results, but you will cut out all the trivial tasks and input less effort. Total win!

2. Stop Multi-tasking

I’m a total multi-tasker, so this one was a tough one for me. Multi-tasking may seem like a great idea for all the little things, but when it comes to larger projects or tasks it can actually hinder your productivity and the quality of your work. Instead of spreading your attention across 10 different tasks, focus on one at a time. You will work more efficiently and effectively.

3.Tackle Challenging Tasks First

If you’re like me, you may not feel alert first thing in the morning, but it’s much worse when that 2 o’clock feeling rolls around. Use your mornings to tackle the larger more challenging tasks on your to-do list. Then when your energy levels begin to dip around 2 o’clock you can focus on the busy work that doesn’t need as much brain power.

4. Schedule Breaks

Breaks are a great way to refresh your mind and ease your stress. Allow yourself 10 minutes every hour or so to stretch, take a walk or grab a snack. Your mind and body will be much happier with these scheduled breaks in your work day making you that much more productive.

5. Take a Nap

Power naps have actually been shown to increase alertness, stamina, muscle memory and long term memory. See, there’s an upside to all my napping! So instead of fighting off that 2 o’clock feeling, give in to it and catch some Z’s.

What are some other things that you do to increase productivity?

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5 Ways to Get Pumped for Monday

Monday, Monday Blues

On Monday mornings the struggle is real. My sweet dreams are interrupted by a harsh dose of reality delivered in the form of an alarm clock that immediately triggers homicidal urges. Once I talk myself out of killing the alarm (and out of the jail cell), I proceed to carry out my morning in full zombie mode. If I’m lucky, at some point I may actually find a brain, my brain. Until then, I’m basically a walking corpse communicating through grunts and spontaneous head nods, which may indicate that I’m falling back to sleep. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person?

Unfortunately, I begin work at 6 AM sharp, so my Monday blues and zombie tendencies must be eradicated before I teach that first student. After all, Zombie is not one of the languages I’m paid to teach.

After 2 years of early morning classes, I’ve managed to develop some ways to deal with my struggle on Monday morning. Today I thought I’d share it with all of you other zombies out there.

How to Get Pumped For Monday:

1. Get Ahead of the Game

Lay out your clothes and all your Monday work necessities the night before. That way you won’t have to worry about finding that perfect outfit while you’re still in zombie mode. This will also allow you a little extra snoozing time in the morning.

2. Have a Cup of Coffee

Mondays can be a shock to your system, so taking some quiet time to just sit and enjoy your favorite coffee, tea or juice can help get your mind ready for the day. Plus, it’s always great to take some me-time, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

3. Pump Up the Volume

Make a playlist especially for Monday or just put on a few of your favorite upbeat jams. Sing along as you’re getting ready or when  you’re driving to work.  Let your favorite tunes set your mood for the day.

4. Dance It Out

While you’re listening to that fantastic Monday playlist, make sure to get your body moving. It’s impossible to be a grump when you’re doing the Dougie or dropping it like it’s hot. And when that 2 o’clock feeling comes around or you hit a bump in the road on your project, take a dance break. It’s guaranteed to drop your stress levels, raise your energy and clear your head. Then you can tackle the rest of the day with a calm and fresh mind.

5. Have Something to Look Forward to

One reason Monday is so horrible is that there’s nothing else to look forward to anymore. The weekend festivities are gone and Friday is another 4 days away. Well, why not make Monday a special day? Pack a special lunch or plan a lunch date with a friend. Head out for drinks after work. Or enjoy a nice long bubble bath with a glass of wine when you get home. If you have something to look forward to, Monday won’t seem so bad.

Do you get the Monday blues? What do you do to get pumped for Monday?

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Stonehenge & Bath

Wanderlust Wednesday is a series on the blog where we discuss travel blunders, tips, and my insatiable wanderlust. So pack your bags and let’s get wandering.

Today’s segment of Wanderlust Wednesday takes us to the mysterious and mythical site of Stonehenge and the beautiful city of Bath, England. An easy day trip from London, these two magnificent sites are not to be missed. So hop on a coach tour and enjoy the ride through the beautiful countryside.


Stonehenge is a puzzle that still seems to have people stumped. While there are many theories about the stone circle, there are still so many unanswered questions. How did the stones get there? How was the circle constructed? And why?

Despite the ancient mystery shrouding Stonehenge, I feel that the site is akin to the Grand Canyon. It’s highly anticipated, but very little time is actually needed to take in the grand display. Even so, it’s still worth it to contemplate the enigma in person. Then you can head on over to Bath!

Stonehenge England

Stonehenge, London Day trips

Bath, England is a beautiful and historic spa city located 100 miles west of London and 15 miles south-east of Bristol. Famous for its hot springs, Roman period baths, Medieval heritage and Georgian architecture, Bath offers a little something for everybody to enjoy.

What to do in Bath England

Bath, England

Bath Abbey, Roman Baths

Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths

The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, commonly known as Bath Abbey, is one of the largest examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in the West Country. The gorgeous details are evident throughout the Abbey with the fan vaulted ceilings really taking center stage.

Not only is the Abbey’s architecture a wonder to behold, but the history of the building and site have a magnificence that is all their own. Monuments and memorials fills the Abbey providing you with hours of exploration.

Bath England


Bath England

Bath England

London Day Trips

Hanging in the Abbey is an American flag that was gifted to the people of Bath in 1946 for their service during the second World War. But what makes this flag extra special is the number of stars: 48.

Bath Abbey, England

Next to the Abbey stands the 2000 year old Roman Bathhouse. If your interested in seeing just how the Romans (and ancient visitors) cleaned up, then this just might be the place for you. Audio headsets are available to provide historical insight as you wander through the Baths. Or if you prefer a live tour guide, the staff offers tours every hour.

While you can’t enjoy a nice long soak (I mean, look at that water!), you can behold many treasures throughout the Roman Baths. However, if you do want to do as the Romans did and enjoy a quick dip, you can visit the Thermae Bath Spa.


Bath England

If you’re spending some time in Bath, I’d recommend just wandering around the city and taking in all its iconic landmarks such as The Royal Crescent and The Circus. Those who prefer a little more of an intellectual tour might enjoy the Jane Austen Museum or the Hershel Museum of Astronomy.

Austen lived in Bath from the years 1801 to 1806 making her one of the cities most famous residents. In addition, the city also housed William Hershel and his sister Caroline, who made grand contributions to the world of astronomy. It was at his home, which is now the museum, where he discovered the planet Uranus.

The Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent

Bath England

Visiting Stonehenge and Bath is an incredible experience filled with history, relaxation, architecture and mystery. There’s a little bit of something for every one of your moods. So make sure to spend a day or two filling your brain with knowledge, relieving your stress at the spa and reveling in the awesome architecture.

Have you walked the streets in Bath or pondered the mysteries at Stonehenge? What tips would you offer other visitors?

Note: Some photos may have been grabbed from friends after our joint travels.
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