Review: Firmoo Glasses


After my glasses decided that I wasn’t fully embracing my geeky side, they staged a protest by spontaneously breaking one morning as I reached for them on my nightstand. Perhaps, they merely wanted to stay in bed that day or partied too hard the night before. Either way, I was forced to indulge in some nerd fashion of the worst kind – taped glasses. So I was ecstatic when Firmoo contacted me about reviewing their product and services. I would finally be able to retire my not so geek chic glasses.

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a little daunting. Luckily, Firmoo has a nifty app that allows you to upload your photo so that you can virtually try on glasses. Since I’m blind as a bat, this option suits me much better! I can actually see what I look like instead of trying to Mr. Magoo my way to a mirror where I’ll only be able to squint at my blurry reflection. The site itself was really easy to navigate and I was able to simply upload a picture of my prescription. However, you also have the option to enter the prescription yourself.


Once my glasses were ordered, I simply had to sit back and wait for them to arrive at my doorstep, which took no time at all. I placed the order on Monday and by Friday they had arrived. Even more astonishing was the fact that they shipped all the way from China. Talk about speedy service.

With the glasses came a micro-fiber lens cloth, eyeglass bag, tiny screwdriver and a map themed case which I am completely in love with. It’s perfect for someone who has such a bad case of wanderlust, like me. The glasses themselves are much nicer than I was expecting with scratch resistant lenses (Firmoo offers this for $5 extra) and comfortable frames.

Overall, Firmoo offers quick service, good quality and affordable prices.

I will definitely be ordering glasses from Firmoo again! But for now, I’m officially upgraded from disastrously nerdy to geek chic. What do you think?

Firmoo, glasses

This month Firmoo is offering a special buy 1 get 1 free promotion through Valentine’s Day. The best part is the prescriptions don’t have to be the same. So grab a friend for some extra affordable glasses. Or you can get a fun pair and an everyday pair just for you.

So have you ever ordered glasses online? What style would you choose?

Disclosure: I received a free pair of glasses from Firmoo in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions expressed are my own and I received no monetary compensation.

  • I loved your “Mr. Magoo” yourself to the mirror. That is EXACTLY how I feel when I’m trying on glasses. I love these though! They look super cute on you too! The inside with the pop of color/print is fun too. Plus the wanderlust map case fits so well with your blog.

    • Right?! How can we pick out new glasses when we can’t even see? Oh, the joy of being blind. Hah.

      Thank you! I was a little iffy about getting this style of frame, but I’m glad I did. 🙂

  • Rocio Mora

    Okay seriously the part about Mr. Magoo had me laughing because that always happens to me when trying on glasses! This is a really great review! I have never purchased eyeglasses online before but this seems pretty simple! Not sure I have it in the budget to purchase them before Valentine’s Day (they can be so expensive!) But being as though I have been wearing glasses that are 10 years old, think I need to make it a priority to get a new pair soon! Thanks for this post!

    • Glasses are definitely way too expensive! But, Firmoo’s prices are actually not bad. They have several for $35 and under. Of course, if you want a few extras it will be a bit more, but it’s definitely better than paying hundreds of dollars elsewhere. 🙂 I hope you do treat yourself to some new glasses soon!

  • Great review! Those glasses look really cute!
    Melanie @

    • Thanks, Melanie! I was pretty excited to upgrade my look a bit. My old glasses were way too small for my face. Hah.

  • You chose a cute pair and they look awesome on you! Good job!