Halloween, Sugar Comas & My Birthday

The month of October has always held such a special place in my heart. I love the cool breeze, changing leaves and fall fashion, almost as much as I love Halloween. I am all about the costumes, scary movies and sugar induced comas.

More importantly, the most magical night of the year happens to be in October. I know. You thought the most magical night of the year was Christmas. Well, I’m hear to set the record straight. It is October 29th – my birthday. At least, it is until I round the corner and hit the big 3-0. Then I believe I shall either Benjamin Button-it and start going in reverse (29, 28, 27…) or I will celebrate my 29th birthday to the umpteenth power for many years to come. Peter Pan’s got nothing on me!

In honor of getting one year closer to 30 (which will soon be 40 at the rate time is passing) I thought I’d dig up the ghosts of birthday’s past. I mean I don’t have too much longer until my memory fades so I might as well document my twenties (ie. the slutty costume years).

Year 20

That year one of my birthday presents included the ability to terrorize my friend as we wandered through a haunted house. If you ask me, the true joy of haunted houses is scaring the crap out of the person you are with. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

That was also the year I dressed up in a cop costume and nearly froze my ass off on the infamous 6th Street on Halloween night. And if you’ve seen my ass, you know that’s no easy task! I suppose it’s the price you pay for trying to fit into a child-size costume.

That Halloween marked one of my first ventures into the world of 6th Street, Austin’s famous street lined with bars and clubs. And what an introduction! I’m pretty sure on Halloween all the ghouls and goblins in Austin aren’t out haunting the living, because they’re too busy boozing it up with all the half naked girls on 6th Street or at least dancing the night away.

Halloween 2005 6th Street

Excuse the sub-par photos. Our technology wasn’t as fancy back then.

Year 21

I bet you guys think I returned to 6th Street now that I was able to partake in all the boozing. Wrong! Somehow I must have missed the memo about getting wasted on your 21st birthday. I spent the night at a 3D showing of The Nightmare Before Christmas with the boyfriend of the time. He then took me to play a couple of rounds of pool. Watch out! Party animals!

Year 23

Year 23 marked my triumphant return to 6th Street. It was also the year that I donned a slutty vampire costume because it was one of the few costumes left at the store on Halloween night. Planning at its best, people!

Anyways, I joined Dora the Explorer and Little Red Riding Hood for a night of dancing and drinking. But for some reason when the three of us are together we are physically incapable of making it anywhere on time. In true form, we arrived fashionably late (even for 6th Street). And then when it came time to leave our ride was nowhere to be found! We had to enlist the taxi services of Dora’s sister, who thankfully picked us up and gave us a place to crash. Despite the setbacks, that night was actually pretty fun.

6th Street, Halloween, Birthday, Party, Costumes
Year 24

This was the year that I spent my birthday weekend traipsing around Ireland drinking Guinness, sleeping in hostels and meeting a lot of cool Aussies (our tour was full of ’em). The real celebration came on Halloween when I decided to don a Pepto-Bismal pink pirate costume (making Americans proud everywhere) to the city-wide festivities in Londonderry. While I managed to avoid the fashion police, I did manage to run into Bruno.

Bruno Halloween Ireland

Halloween 2009 Londonderry Ireland

These two crazy kids were the hostel owners.

Year 25

Year 25 was the year that I finally discovered the free birthday shots along 6th Street. I then discovered what a friendly and hyper drunk I am. I mean just look at me snuggling up to the Count. He didn’t even buy me dinner!

Austin 6th Street, Halloween

6th Street Austin Halloween 2010

Unlike the count, I actually know THIS guy!

Year 26

This year I discovered something else about my drunk self. I am very polite and extremely gracious. After dancing and drinking all night with my friends, I thanked EVERYONE on 6th Street for coming out to celebrate my birthday. The walk to the car was one long thank you parade. What? I’m totally the reason people wore costumes and came out to celebrate! Or perhaps it was Halloween. Naw, my money is on me! Totally!

Halloween on 6th Street 2011

And the number one thing that I can take away from all this: Mean girls was right!


Mean Girls Halloween

What are your favorite birthday or Halloween memories? Do any special celebrations stand out in your mind? Leave me some love and let me know.

  • http://www.venustrappedinmars.com Sarah

    So I will never scare the person I’m with at a Haunted House because I know that turnabout is fair play. And that Bruno costume = died laughing.

    • http://www.wanderlyn.com Eternally WanderLyn

      Sarah, I’m lucky because I’m not easily scared, unless you come at me with certain creepy crawly critters. Then I’m running and probably screaming. And I don’t know how he pulled that Bruno costume off. It was a little bit chilly that Halloween! 😀

  • http://heleneinbetween.com Helene

    I bet Halloween in Austin was so much fun! I’m in Dallas but 6th street- that’s another story!

    • http://www.wanderlyn.com Eternally WanderLyn

      Helen, 6th Street is crazy on Halloween! But Halloween in Austin is amazing! I’m living in San Antonio now, but I’m planning on making a triumphant return this Halloween to celebrate with some friends. :) Anything fun happening in Dallas?

  • Areeba

    Oh Lord, you have such crazy Halloween (s) in past. I’m a simple ghost (made of white bed sheet) almost every year #sadstory

    • http://www.wanderlyn.com Eternally WanderLyn

      Heh. Yeah, I guess some of my Halloweens have been pretty crazy. :) You should totally get creative with your ghost costume! Be a hippie ghost in flowery sheets or say that your are actually Barbara from Beetlejuice (the scene where they use sheets to try to scare Lydia). 😀 Have fun! Happy Halloween!

  • http://www.memoirsofachronicchick.co.uk Nicola

    Happy birthday my lovely fellow scorpio. Hope you have a fantastic day and an awesome halloween. Xx