The Liebster Award Round Two!

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Well, I guess this is the month that keeps on giving because I have been given a second Liebster Award nomination! Wowzers! They like me. They really like me.

I’m still very new to the blogging game so I’m ecstatic to have received this award TWICE! Thanks to Cassie from The Girl, The Closet and The Blog (which you should totally check out!) for this wonderful opportunity. Not only have you made me feel so very special and awesome, but I loved being able to check out your great Liebster Award answers. However, since I completed my first Liebster Award just last week, I’m going to do this one a little differently. Instead of nominating another 11 blogs, I’m going to focus on just answering the fantastic questions Cassie has asked me. So without further ado …

Questions I have been asked:

1. Who was your first Celeb Crush?

I’m digging into the vault for this one, but many years ago I loved Devon Sawa. I thought he was just so dreamy and cute in Now and Then and The Little Giants.

2. Who would you like to be for 24hrs?

Hah! I actually just answered this question with my manfriend on our road trip back from the home land. I said that I would want to be Anne Hathaway because she is insanely talented and active in numerous charities. I’d love to be able to experience that kind of talent, as well as the ability to give so much to charities.

3. Do you remember your first kiss?

Yes. In elementary school on a play date. ‘Nuff said.

4. What Song could you listen to on repeat 24/7?

Hm… This one is a tough one. I do go through phases where I can listen to one song over and over again until I drive Troy crazy, but I’m not currently in one of those phases. So I suppose I’d have to choose a song that always makes me dance, Everybody Talks by the Neon Trees. I can’t help it. I must always bust a move when I hear it.

5. Skirts or Trousers?

I love skirts, but I’m also a creature of comfort. So my answer would have to be trousers.

6. What celeb do you look like?

I honestly don’t think there any celebs that look as awesome as I do! Totally kidding. Kind of.

7. Have you ever been attracted to a member of the same sex?

Yup. I’m bisexual so it’s inevitable. :)

8. What would you do if you caught your partner wearing your clothes?

Troy actually steals one of my favorite t-shirts from London all the time! And since he’s known to drop sauce or mustard on himself while he eats, I’m not okay with sharing my clothes constantly. Now if he wants to get something pretty in his own size, I’ll help him pick it out. :) Besides I’m of the firm opinion that clothes, colors, etc. are not made for specific genders or sexes. We are the ones who define them. And my definition may be quite different from yours. By the way, I totally steal his clothes all the time.

9. Fav Movie?

My all time favorite movie is What Dreams May Come. If you haven’t seen it, you totally should!

10. Style Icon?

I don’t have a specific style icon. I like what I like. And I’m kind of all over the place with my style depending on what I’m feeling like that day – retro, edgy, lazy, sweet, etc. Though since I work from home, most days I’m rocking pajama pants!

11. Why do you Blog?

I blog because I really enjoy writing and  being a part of the blogging community. There are so many amazing bloggers out there that inspire, create, and share with all of us readers and fellow bloggers. It’s really a wonderful experience to be a part of that world.

I may not be tagging anybody in this post, but I’d love to hear your answers to some of these awesome questions. Leave me a comment and share your tales! And thanks again to the wonderful Cassie!

  • Brittany

    Congrats on getting the award a second time! Your right they do really like you!

    • Eternally WanderLyn

      Thanks, Brittany! I’m so honored to have received it a second time. :)