What To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

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Have you ever had a day where nothing goes your way? A day so terrible that you want to run and hide beneath your covers until tomorrow comes?

Well, I seem to be stuck in a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that refuses to end despite the fact that the dates on the calendar change.

It began with something so simple that I merely shrugged it off as an inconvenience – a clogged sink. Sometimes your kitchen doubles as an indoor pool. It happens. But, this wasn’t any ordinary clog. This clog jump started a series of unfortunate events that, while completely unrelated, culminated in one very long bad day that spread over the course of 2 – 3 days. The aftermath of which left me with a $600 car repair bill and a pair of glasses jerry-rigged with tape. I’m not sure this is what they meant when they said the geek look was in.

The minute the mechanic dropped that $600 figure I finally broke, which was only fitting since everything else around me seemed to be breaking. After a good crying session, I found myself stewing in a bubble-bath (courtesy of Troy) with a glass of apple-pie moonshine drinking soaking my cares away. And it was there, between the slow pruning of my fingers and 90 proof relaxation in a glass, that I realized stressing about my problems wasn’t going to make them disappear. I wasn’t going to magically cry tears of money or re-set the clock on my horrible day. But, I could reset my mood. Instead of sulking while I was soaking, I could focus on dealing and coping with my day by not letting it break my spirit.

So if you’re having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, here are a few ways that you can re-set your mood, too:


When nothing seems to be going your way, take a moment to just breathe. Focus on slow, calming breaths. Not only will this help you clear your mind, but it can also release some of that tension that’s building up from your bad day.

Walk away.

Hit the pause button and put some distance between you and the issue. If you’re stuck on a problem at work, switch to a different project or take a stroll around the office. If you’re at home, enjoy an hour of Netflix, read a good book, or take a short nap. Sometimes all you need is a little break to be able to re-focus.

Get out.

If simply walking away isn’t working for you, take it a step further and get out. Take an early lunch or a short walking break around your office neighborhood. Enjoy a night out on the town with friends. Or simply explore your own neighborhood. A change of scenery will help you distance yourself from your worries for a little while.

Take a bath/shower.

I’m convinced that water has some magical healing properties. I am never more relaxed than when I’m soaking in a hot bubble bath or standing in a steamy shower. Set the mood with some aromatherapy candles and light music. I guarantee it will help you unwind after a bad day.

Indulge in some music therapy.

Pump up the volume on your favorite jams. Then sing loudly and off key. Add a few amazing dance moves and pretty soon you’ll be wondering what had you so down in the first place.

Write it out.

If you’re like me, writing holds a special therapeutic quality to it. Grab your notebook or laptop and write until your frustrations have transferred from your body to the words on the screen. And if you’re a blogger, you might even be able to turn that into an awesome blog post!

Get a hug.

The power of touch is so great that some healthcare providers have been using it as a form of therapy for years. Hell, people have even started businesses to provide cuddling to those who need and want it. So next time you’re having a crappy day, reach out to your significant other, a friend, family member or even your pet for a quick embrace.

Pet an animal.

As most of us dog-moms already know, petting an animal has been shown to drastically improve your mood. But, you don’t have to join the ranks of crazy dog-mom to reap the rewards. Visit an animal shelter and spend some time making those pups and kitties day a little bit better. It’s a win-win.

Remember, tomorrow is another day.

Channel your inner Scarlet O’hara and power through today by remembering that it will end. Even a streak of bad luck like mine has to come to an end at some point. Let’s just hope it’s not 7 years from now.

What do you do when you’re having a bad day?
  • I’m sorry you’ve been having a string of bad luck recently love – your car problems sounded not fun. But I agree that this is the best thing you can do for yourself! I used to wonder why I could never break my funks and I realized that I was a big part of the answer. Sometimes the simplest act of pouring yourself a glass of wine and drawing a bubble bath if you truly make yourself enjoy the little things can turn a no good few days around. That being said, I do hope luck gets more on your side soon!

    • Thank you so much, Katie! Things have definitely gotten better. My car is fixed. I have a new pair of glasses on the way. And I somehow managed to fix the sink (after which I promptly called Troy and let him know I was awesome! haha). 🙂 I hope you’re having a great week!

  • I try and do all of those but sometimes there’s nothing better than screaming into a pillow! Oh, and I’ve started taking Boxercise classes. Great for horrible days/stress relief!

    • I’ve actually never tried the screaming into a pillow thing, but boxercising sounds fun! I used to take kickboxing and I loved it. It was wonderful for letting off steam!

  • Great post. Hope things get better ):

    When I feel myself getting close to losing it I exercise then lay on the couch with my dogs and wine and things miraculously get better. The worst is when the meltdowns come in public- if I had been handed that $600 bill not sure what I would’ve done…cried in public?

    • Thanks, Lindsay! Wine and puppy snuggles make a world of difference! 🙂 Luckily, I didn’t have a public meltdown. We dropped off my car for them to look at, so they called me a few hours later and I managed not to cry until I got off the phone. Hah. Oh, well. It happens I suppose.

  • Ugh, I hate the bad day that seems to spread.

    When my day is really bad, I go to bed early so it’s over as soon as possible. A good laugh, a long sleep, and salt air cure most ills. I’ll take one out of three on the bad days!

  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  • Hope your week has turned around! Sorry to hear about your bad day. I miss having a bath, but the other tips are all good too! I have to say I always want a nice hug when I get into that state.

    • Thanks, Mariah! A good hug definitely helps. Luckily, Troy was home to offer a few good embraces. 🙂 And the week definitely got better. My car got fixed. I ordered some new glasses. And I pulled out my best plumber skills to fix the sink. Score one for me! Haha.

  • I completely agree.
    Baths have some sort of healing power. I live in a house with three grown boys (two of which i am not sure are actually grown yet). Baths are my way to destress and get away from them all.
    And hugs.. the caring contact from someone else, even if you don’t know them well can be enough.
    Hope your bad days have come to an end – we’ve all been there girl.

    • Thanks! I was so happy when things started turning around. And this week seems to be going so much better. I can’t even imagine sharing a house with 3 boys. I’ve always been in female dominated households. Hah. Though now I guess it’s even 2 boys and 2 girls (I’m including our pups here). 🙂

  • Agreed on all accounts!

  • The care bear totally appealed to me before I even opened your post today haha!!!

    I know my dogs always always make me feel better!!! Plus it is scientifically proven that people with bets have lower blood pressure, so there is obviously evidence to back it up!!

    • Haha. I used to love Care Bears when I was little. I think my mom still has my giant stuffed Care Bear at home. 🙂

      Yes, pets for the win! They definitely make me feel better when I’m having a crappy day.