We Will Persist

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Politics – a sticky, controversial, and overall sensitive topic – has been glaringly absent from this blog. A strong believer in finding your own truth and respecting the beliefs of others, I shied away from discussing my own political ideologies on Eternally Wanderlyn. However, I can no longer maintain my radio silence.

On January 20, 2017, everything changed.

America handed the keys to our nation over to a man who utilized hate and division to fuel his campaign. A man who spouts lies and accusations, while attempting to discredit the truth. And a man who is unable to admit when he is wrong or at fault. This man is now the President of the United States, and I am deeply ashamed.

Now, before I am brutally attacked for that sentiment, let me address some of the criticism I have seen floating around on the net and in the news. Those, like me, who oppose Trump and his administration or identify as liberals and democrats have been labeled “Snowflakes.” We have been criticized for protesting, speaking out against Trump, being afraid of losing our rights, and for simply opposing Trump’s politics. We have been repeatedly reminded that the situation for women in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia is far worse than in America. And we have been told to shut up, stop whining, and to stop being sore losers.

But no matter the criticism or name-calling, we will persist.

Woman's March, Persist, Resist, Protest

To dissent is American. Our forefather’s dissent laid the foundation for our country, and it is the rights they bestowed upon us – the right to protest, to free speech, to freedom of the press – that we are calling upon now. We are not merely complaining or whining about the loss of our candidate or political party. We are genuinely concerned about the future of our nation and things like maintaining protection for our land and environment, having access to quality education and healthcare, being able to obtain factual and accurate information, and being able to speak out against those with differing opinions without being labeled “fake.” We are also aware that there are women and people who endure worse circumstances every day, but that does not reduce the plight of women in America. Just because we have managed to take several steps forward in comparison to some other nations, does not mean we have reached the top or that we should stop trying to progress. It doesn’t even mean that we have reached the same level as men.

So on January 19th, I boarded a chartered bus with about sixty other women (and a few men) ready and willing to endure sixty hours (round trip) of cramped leg space in the company of strangers to march on Washington. While many men and women online and in the media made it clear that the march was not representative of them or their beliefs, the streets of Washington were packed with men, women, and children of all ages, races, and identities united in the strength of their convictions. We may not have represented ALL women, but we represented each other and ALL the women who could not be out there marching for their beliefs or rights.

A sea of pink hats and thunderous chanting, the march ignited a spark within the hearts and minds of many of the participants. Thousands of women are now considering running for public office, while others have taken up the reigns as activists, protesters, organizers, and just plain active members in their community. We remain united in our resistance. And we will persist.

In an effort to do my own part, I am excited to announce that I have taken back the title of ‘Snowflake’ and designed t-shirts (various styles and colors available) to sell in the name of resistance. With each shirt sold, a portion of the proceeds will be automatically donated to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood (depending on the shirt). Please check them out and share them with all your friends!

snowflakes, avalanche, liberal

Snowflake, avalanche, liberal

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persisted, nasty women, persist, resist

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 Which shirt is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 

  • WHAT THE WHAT. I NEED TO CHECK OUT THOSE SHIRTS RIGHT NOW. Loveeeee! Also, a-freakin’-men to this whole post.

    • I’m so glad you like them!! Which is your favorite?

      • I LOVE the “I woke up like this #alternativefacts” one!! So hilarious and spot on.