Wanderlust Wednesday: Making an Entrance

Wanderlust Wednesday is a series on the blog where we discuss travel blunders, tips, and my insatiable wanderlust. So pack your bags and let’s get wandering.

How to make an entrance

Today’s episode of ‘Travel Blunders’ is brought to you by my wanderlust, shame, humiliation, and formerly swollen ankle. I shared this post last year when I first started this blog. However, because I now actually have readers, I thought I’d share my humiliation all over again. Plus, what better confession for Kathy’s link-up than an embarrassing story.

The year was 2009 and I was lucky in love with London – the city of theaters, endless street markets, rich history, and millions of museums. (Okay. Maybe not millions. But after the twentieth museum, it definitely seems like millions.) I was just so ecstatic to be living in the center of such a cultural mecca.  And what would any cultural enlightening experience be without a trip or two (or tons) to the local bars, pubs, and clubs?  (Hey! I was in college!)

After a particularly long week of classes, my friends and I were ecstatic for the arrival of the weekend. Eager to take full advantage of London and our temporary scholastic freedom, we decided to check out Garlic and Shots, a Gothic themed bar/restaurant in the heart of Soho that boasted a menu of a whopping  101 shots, including the Blood Shot. I agonized over the perfect outfit, applied my makeup with careful precision, and attempted to do something with my unruly mess of a hairdo. Finally, when we were all primped to perfection we knocked back a couple of drinks and headed out for a night of adventure.

When we arrived we strutted our way into the restaurant like it was our own personal catwalk (or maybe that was just me) making note of all the interesting features of the restaurant and keeping a look out for any possible eye candy. After carefully maneuvering through the crowd, we stood at the top of the staircase leading down into the bar.

Beyonce, Destiny's Child

Leading the way, I began my descent into what I hoped would be the start of a great night. That’s when it happened. My world came crashing down. And so did I! I fell harder than Humpty Dumpty. One moment I’m sashaying through the place like I own it. The next I’m tumbling, skirt overhead, arms flailing, grasping for something. Anything. Meanwhile, everyone looked on in horror, mouths gaping, frozen in place, wondering, I’m sure, what kind of person falls walking INTO a bar. What can I say? I like to make an entrance.

Peter Griffin, Family Guy

After what seemed like an eternity of falling into a black hole, I managed to grab the railing (with only one more step to go). I stood up, laughed (and winced), carefully arranged my clothing, and reassured everyone that I was okay. Then I hobbled into the bar to self-medicate and ease my wounded pride. Leave it to me to turn walking into a bar into such a theatrical and acrobatic event. To this day my friends enjoy reminding me that we should avoid venues where my coordination may be challenged by stairs. They’re always so sweet to think of me.

Despite my embarrassing fall from grace, that night would go down in the books as one of the greatest nights in London! But that’s a tale for another day.

Do you have any horrifying or embarrassing tales to share from your travels? I’d love to hear them!

  • OMG I feel your pain. I can be a huge klutz and I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen down a set of stairs. SO embarrassing! Glad you still had a great night though! I absolutely love London, jealous you got to live there!!

    <3, Pamela

    • I’m glad I’m not the only klutz! 🙂 I have had more embarrassing falls than I can remember. And London is an amazing city! I still miss it.

  • You certainly did make an entrance! I once fell in front of a bar with a patio full of people so I curtsied then scurried off. So embarassing!

    • Haha! You curtsied?! That’s just awesome. Once in high school I was hurrying up (that’s right… UP) a small flight of stairs on my way to softball practice and tripped. I ended up bent over with my butt in the air in front of the boys soccer team who just happened to be sitting along the stairs. Oh, and I was wearing my short volleyball shorts. I remember smiling at them (as I turned red) and then just trying to walk away calmly. Haha

  • hahaha girl i didnt mean to laugh, but i did. hilarious! i have absolutely, one million times, been there. stairs and me, no go.

    • Oh, laugh all you want. I know I did! I was laughing so hard and still do when I remember it. Haha.

  • kathy@vodka and soda

    i’m sorry but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh girl, i’ve done that before but it was in grade 9 freshman year on the first day of school and it was down the atrium stairs in front OF EVERYONE. i wanted to die. at least you had a bar; i had nothing!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

    • Haha. Well, it sounds like you also know how to make quite an entrance. In high school I was hurrying up (that’s right… UP) a small flight of stairs on my way to softball practice and tripped. I ended up bent over with my butt in the air in front of the boys soccer team who just happened to be sitting along the stairs. I remember smiling at them and then just trying to walk away calmly. Apparently, I’ve always had issues with stairs. Haha

  • LOL!!!! I have embraced my awkwardness and klutz like tendencies. Just go with it! Lol.

    • Hah. Great advice! Next time I’ll just act like I meant to do that. 😀 I’m sure there will be many more falls.

  • Im so sorry for laughing so hard. It was really the gif leading up to the end of the story that made me about die laughing! If it makes you feel any better I fell off a chair yesterday! No bueno

  • Love the “what i feel like” vs. “what i looked like” gifs, hahaha. Funny story to tell and glad you can laugh at yourself. Glad it was a good night anyways! Nothing embarrassing while traveling (I don’t think) but last week I fell while in a step-class. No one even bothered to ask if I was ok. Maybe they pretended not to see ;).

    • Haha. Maybe they were trying to be nice. I’m pretty sure we all have at least one tale of an embarrassing fall. 🙂

  • Amanda

    Bahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!! You know I love people falling!

    • Girl, if you would’ve seen it, you would have been on the floor laughing! It looked so bad ..haha.

  • Girl that is the story of my life…..except I seem to fall up the stairs I don’t really know which one is worse?

    • Haha. I totally fall going up stairs! So glad I’m not the only one. 😀

  • Gahhhhh. Nights I’ve fallen have always turned out to be good nights. I have had many many bad run ins with stairs – not only falling down them, but falling UP them! My worst travel fall was taking a tumble in Newport, RI, down a flight of steps on girls’ weekend. It was awful but hilarious, and there were no injuries except to my pride.

    • Haha. Falling going up the stairs is the worst! I always end up with my butt in the air, while everyone else stares at me. 🙂 And I’m so glad that you weren’t hurt in RI. That would have put a damper on your girls’ weekend.

  • i LOVE london. would live there if i could.

    your story reminds me of one of my favorite stories. girl meets a guy in a bar, but she’s not too keen on him initially, and in her efforts to get away from him, she messes up her ankle pretty bad. good guy that he is, though, he hails a cab and escorts her to the hospital and then stays with her. it’s called right before your eyes. you should read it. :]

    • I am absolutely in love with London! 🙂 I miss it all the time and hope to live there again someday.

      That sounds like such a wonderful story! I’ll have to check it out.

      • i’m giving a copy (along with three other good stories) away… forgot to tell you that part. :]

  • Oh gosh, that would be embarrassing, but at least you weren’t hurt. A friend of mine fell off a stage at a club and broke her arm the first night she went out in Seoul!

    • Ouch! That sounds painful and humiliating! I hope she healed quickly. 🙂

  • That seems painful, let alone embarrassing!
    I love the family guy GIF though 😀

    • Oh, yes. It was very painful and embarrassing. At least, it wasn’t worse. 😀

  • Oh, no! I would have been so embarrassed, but glad your night turned around :)…at least you did not have drink in your hand. I think it has been a miracle I never had a major fall in all my years of going out 🙂

    • Haha! I just imagine how much worse it would have been if I had a drink in my hand! Talk about a major party foul. There would have been sooo many casualties. And I’m pretty sure people would have assumed I was completely wasted. 😀

  • I can’t remember if I told you this one last time, but whilst in Tokyo i managed to knock over both mine and my husbands beers in this cute little booth in a noodle bar, I ended up crying with laughter because I didn’t know how to apologise and we were looking in the language guide to try and figure out how to apologise, and for some reason it didn’t have sorry I’ve ruined your booth with beer, which would have been ideal.

    • Hahaha. That is too funny! It’s so much worse when there’s a language barrier. I feel like they should totally add that phrase to the language guide.

  • That’s me……always! It’s more a surprise if I don’t fall or embarrass myself in any other way! 😉

  • Leah

    Ahh, that does sound so embarrassing. I had one awful fall in middle school and that traumatized me for life. Haha
    But if I do something embarrassing while traveling, I always tell myself I’ll probably never see these people again to make myself feel better. 😛

    • Yes! At least, I won’t see those people again. And, thankfully, no one caught it on camera! But I’m sure my friends will always remember it. 😀

  • At the freshman ball at my uni I fell down the flight of entrance stairs and ended up fracturing my ankle. There were EMTs on duty (policing drunk kids) and one had to help sort me out. (I was embarrassingly 100& sober) So I definitely feel your pain at being clumsy!

    • Ouch! That sounds so painful. Stairs are just so tricky sometimes, but it definitely makes for an interesting story. I hope your ankle healed well. 🙂

  • Hahahaha! I love this!!! It’s always the times you are feeling super confident, you trip up! At least you recovered and had a great night 🙂

    • I guess it’s the universes way of bringing you back down to Earth, literally and figuratively. Haha. 😀