Wanderlust Wednesday:Austin, Texas

Wanderlust Wednesday is a series on the blog where we discuss travel blunders, tips, and my insatiable wanderlust. So pack your bags and get ready to get weird in Austin, Texas.

Things to do in Austin, Austin Texas

Last weekend I made the trek on up to Austin to visit my sister and babysit the most adorable baby in the world, my niece. I swear she takes after her favorite and only aunt. I mean, don’t I just exude adorableness?! But all jokes aside, driving past my old haunts always makes me miss wandering through the streets of this awesome city. Boy, if those streets could talk!

Austin, the capital of Texas and my home for several years, is known for being quirky, funky, and downright weird. In fact, it prides itself on it, which is one of the most endearing qualities of this Texas city (and why I miss it so much). It’s a city rich with culture, music, food and nature making it impossible to see all of its charms in just one visit. But lucky for you, you have a former Austin resident (and constant visitor) showing you the ropes.


Austin Texas, Things to do in Austin


No trip to the capital of Texas would be complete without a visit to the actual Texas State Capital building, which contains the chambers of the Texas Legislature and the office of the governor. In short, this is where the political magic happens. So go ahead, take a tour and fill your head with some knowledge. It’s good for you. Or so I hear.

Things to do in Austin, Mount Bonnell

Austin Texas


Sitting approximately 780 feet above sea level, Mount Bonnell offers unparalleled views of the city, Lake Austin, and the surrounding hills. If you’re looking for a little romance, pack a picnic to enjoy atop Mount Bonnell at sunset. The sun-kissed sky looming over the lake will make you want to snuggle a little closer to your loved one.

Hot Springs, Barton Springs


Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, bikinis and banana hammocks! Measuring 3 acres in size and averaging temperatures of about 70 degrees, Barton Springs pool is perfect for year round swimming.

Things to do in Austin, Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool Austin


If you prefer a good ole swimming hole or fancy a hike with your swim, Hamilton Pool just might be for you. Located 30 miles west of Austin, Hamilton Pool sits on 232 acres of protected natural habitat allowing you to get in touch with your inner nature enthusiast.

6th Street Austin


If dancing the night away with a drink in hand is more your style, then look no further than the infamous 6th Street. This bar lined street has been the cause of many nights of drunken debauchery and shameless flirting. But enough about my experiences. Sixth street offers an array of bars and clubs to suit everyone’s musical taste and style, while also being big on celebrations. Some of my favorites have been Halloween, New Years, and Mardi Gras.

Congress Street Bridge,


Okay, so maybe this isn’t Batman’s main hangout, but his buddies sure seem to like it. Every night from March to November, people line up along the Congress Avenue bridge to watch the bats emerge blanketing the sky in search of food.

Festivals in Austin


Austin is a mecca for concerts and grand scale festivals such as the Austin City Limits Music Festival and SXSW. People pour into the city eager and ready to rock! So if you’re planning to attend a festival in Austin, make sure to make arrangements way in advance.

Austin food trucks


Food trucks have become an Austin staple. All over town chefs are dishing out a variety of inexpensive and delicious cuisine whipped up in the back of refurbished Airstream trailers. Food-court trailer parks have sprung up all over the city creating dining destinations and making Austin’s dining experience one of a kind.

Have you visited Austin? What were your favorite things to do in Austin?

  • I have a post on Austin…of course mine is all about the eating and drinking we did there 🙂 Austin was fun and loved the all the food trucks all over the place-very cool!

    • Oh, the food is very delicious in Austin! I love it. 🙂 And I will definitely have to look at your post.

  • I love these posts of yours! They give me wanderlust.

  • Hamilton Pool looks nuts! Wow! I would almost go back to Texas just to see that. Awesome list Lynsey!

    • P.S. Your site looks great! Very colorful and easy to read. Congrats on your recent Liebster activity as well. Keep it up!

      • Thank you, Kelly! I really appreciate that. 🙂 And I do think you need to make another trip to Texas. 😉

  • Austin seems like a COOL place.

  • Wow, those pictures make me want to book a flight NOW! I would love Hamilton pool and all the festivals, for sure!

    • Hamilton pool is beautiful! And the festivals are always so much fun. You even have tons of celebrities eager to take part in the festivals. 🙂

  • The bat thing gave me the creeps but loved Austin otherwise! I need to go back when the weather is nicer so I can do some of these other things!

    • I can see how the bats could be a little creepy, but I hope that you do get the chance to enjoy some of these other things! 🙂 I’m sure your friend would love for you to visit again.

  • For all the time I’ve spent in Texas, I never really explored Austin enough! I would love to see the bats!

    • Austin is an awesome city! There is so much to do and lots of good food! 🙂 I hope that you get to see the bats sometime.

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ve never been to Texas but have many friends that live in the Houston and Dallas areas and have said nothing but good things. Hamilton pool looks absolutely beautiful!
    Stopping by to say hello from Travel Tuesday. Have a good week 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I think that you should visit your friends and explore some of our Texas cities. 😀

  • I’ve been thinking of making the jaunt to Austin soon and I am so happy I found this post! Thanks for all the great tips; I’ll start planning my weekender there now 🙂

  • I love Austin too. Seeing the bats at night, going to Stubbs BBQ and eating at the Red Eye Fly were my favourite things. Thanks for linking up for Travel Tuesday! x

  • Considering we had no idea what we were doing this past weekend, we actually did a few things on this list….. and the things we didn’t do (I’m really intrigued by this batman thing) that must mean that I have to go back ASAP, right?!?!!?

    • Oh, yes! That totally means you have to go back ASAP! There’s too much to see and do in Austin to limit it to just one trip. And SXSW should definitely be added to your list for next year. 😀