Top 5 Reasons to Visit Mexico

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As the air grows colder, we all get nostalgic for sundresses and flip flops, making it the perfect time to plan a trip to Mexico. With near perfect weather year-round, diverse attractions and unmistakable beauty, Mexico is the perfect location for a winter getaway. Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons you should pack your bags and head to Mexico:


Looking for a luxurious vacation worthy of a celebrity? Or perhaps you want a Tequila-fueled adventure that won’t empty your bank account. Mexico is your destination. As one of the most affordable vacation spots in the world, Mexico offers personalized vacations that everybody can afford. Whether you want to lounge by the pool at a 5 star resort or trek through the jungles of Mexico, your bank account will not feel the effects. Though, your body might feel the effects of all that Tequila.

Mayan Palace, mayan civilization,  Mayan ruins,


What Mexico lacks in wealth, it makes up for in history. Evidence of the country’s rich history blankets the land in well-preserved pyramids and ancient cities that attract visitors from all over the world. History buffs can step through time to the days when the Mayan and Aztecs ruled the land. If history isn’t necessarily your thing, you can still wonder at the beauty and intricacy of sites like Chichen Itza, Tulum and Palenque (pictured above).

Ballet Folklorico, Mexican Dancers, Mariachi


As rich in culture as it is history, Mexico is home to world-famous artists, strolling mariachis and brightly colored buildings that mirror the vibrant culture. By day, you can shop for handmade crafts at the artists’ colony of San Miguel de Allende or explore the art museums filled with masterpieces by artists like Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera. By night, you can toss back a few shots of liquid courage, also known as Tequila, and learn how to dance Norteño at the local nightclubs. Don’t worry. The locals are always willing to show you a few moves.

Cabo Mexico, Mexican beaches


The incomparable beauty of Mexico’s beaches attracts travelers from all over the world. Choose from the relaxing, sandy beaches along the Riviera Maya, where you can spend your days sunbathing, snorkeling and surfing in the warml waters. Or, head to the west coast for a stay atop the rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean for a chance to enjoy deep sea fishing and scuba diving.

Tacos al pastor, Tacos, Mexican


Mexican cuisine is appreciated world-wide as many attempt to recreate popular dishes, but none are able to truly capture the essence and variety of this delicious cuisine. The inland cities boast a variety of mole dishes, a sauce made with toasted chilies and chocolate, while the coast is known for its unbelievably fresh seafood. However, not all of Mexico’s delicious meals can be found in a restaurant. Much of its mouthwatering delicacies can be bought from local street vendors offering cheap meals infused with flavor. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a glass of Mexico’s finest wines from the Baja Valley or a glass of Tequila from the state of Jalisco, the Tequila capital of the world.

Whether you’re looking for a little adventure, romance or fun in the sun, Mexico has a little something for everybody. So pack your swimsuit and head for the border!

What are some of your favorite winter getaways?

  • I haven’t been to Mexico in forever but I love it! The water is so pretty and don’t even get me started on the food 🙂

    <3, Pamela

    • The food is my absolute favorite! I grew up on the border, so I always crave good Mexican and Tex-Mex food. 🙂

  • I went on a cruise last year that had a couple of stops in Mexico, but they were very touristy. I’d love to go again and actually stay in Mexico.

    • I’d definitely recommend going to some of the less touristy spots. You get a real feel for the culture and people in the smaller areas less overrun by tourists. Plus, the prices are much lower!

  • Cabo San Lucas is absolutely amazing. We liked Cozumel, too. I’d go back to Mexico tomorrow!

    • With all this chilly weather, it’s the perfect time for a trip to Mexico. I’d love to be sipping on margaritas and piña coladas while enjoying some sun. I really want to take Troy there sometime. He’s never been to Mexico.

  • kathy@vodka and soda

    one of my fav islands is aruba! actually, any place hot during the winter works for me .

    • Ooh! I’ve never been to Aruba, but I’ve always wanted to go. And I’m sure a hot place would be a nice break from that cold Canadian winter. I’m in Texas and we’ve had freezing weather. I can only imagine Canada!

  • I have never been but you’re certainly making me want to go!

    • You should! I think you’d like it. The beaches are so pretty and the food is my favorite. 🙂

  • I loooove Mexico!!! Nothing has me more in the mood than the 22 degree morning today…

    • Tell me about it! I can’t believe Texas went from being in the 80s to freezing almost over night. I’m definitely daydreaming about warmer places. 🙂

  • I love this! I think lots of people from America just overlook Mexico as a great exotic vacation spot cause we hear about it all the time and it’s just south of the border, but it truly is a gem.

    • I agree. I think Americans take it for granted. But it’s such a great place and much more affordable than some other tropical places. Plus, the food is amazing!

  • Before reading this I had never really considered taking a trip to Mexico, as a Floridian I tend to overlook places that have the same weather/beaches. I love history, Mexican food, and tequila.. so I’m thinking a trip to Mexico next time I am in the states may be in order.

    • Haha. History, food and tequila would make anybody change their mind! But honestly, the history is pretty awesome. I love exploring old ruins.

  • I completely agree. Mexico has an awesome culture and delicious food. I hate that it gets a bad rap–often from those who have never been before!

    • Me too! I keep hearing, “Oh, I don’t want to go there!” from people who have never even been there. It’s such a great place. It’s a shame they’ll miss out on it.

  • I’ve always wanted to go so thank you for reaffirming why I should :). I’d put food at the TOP of the list though :). Those tacos look delicious!

    • Haha! I’m definitely all about the food. I’ve been craving authentic Mexican food for a while. I think I may need to head south very soon. 🙂