Real Women Have Curves

Dove's Real Women Campaign, Real Women Have Curves

Photo from Dove’s Real Women Campaign

Before I began developing this blog, I knew that this was a topic that I both wanted and needed to discuss. As a woman who has been roaming the earth since 1985, I feel I have been privy to the warped sense of beauty and womanhood that is abundant within our society. Everywhere we look there are songs, movies, magazines, commercials and people telling us how we should look, feel and act. Apparently, society and pop culture know exactly what it means to be a woman, despite the fact that I, a woman, am still figuring it out.

From the curves of Marilyn Monroe to the waif like models of the 90s, beauty and womanhood have always and will always be an evolving trend, ideas that can merely change with the fashion. After all, our bodies are our best accessory (if they happen to be in style this season).

While today’s fashion industry continues to make us feel as if we need to lose 10-20 pounds (at least), there has also been a new trend making a come back – curves. Curves are the new black. Curvy women wear them proudly and all but shout from the rooftops, “Real women have curves!” – as if all other women are merely fakes. Quick! Check their woman card!

Well, I’m here to tell you that real women DO have curves. And real women DON’T have curves. Real women come in all shapes and sizes – tall, short, thin, fat, round, pear, hourglass, straight, average, etc. Who knew there were body types other than skinny and curvy? Mind blowing, right? Now if only we could learn to celebrate every body type.

Real Women Have Curves

Sadly, I have seen skinny, curvy and average girls attacked (often by other women) for not fitting into a certain standard of beauty. They are taunted for being too skinny, too fat, too curvy, not curvy enough, and so on. A girl just can’t catch a break! It’s time that we stopped persecuting each other for simply having a different body type and realize that we are ALL real women. Your woman card is NOT automatically revoked based on the size of your waistline or the curve of your body.

So, ladies, leave those insecure, judgmental and catty versions of yourself at home in bed. Or better yet, shove them in the back of the closet. And next time you want to hate on that curvy/skinny/average girl in your office compliment her instead. You might just make her day and earn some niceness points.

So tell me ladies, what is a real woman? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me some love below.