On the Wings of Change

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As people are beginning to say farewell to 2013, change is in the air. People will be filled with a new resolve to be, do and live better. They will be motivated to change and embrace the opportunity for a fresh year where anything is possible.

The scary part is that you never know what lies on the other side of change, but you can always be certain that it will happen. Many of us secretly want to push back against the evolution of our lives because we are afraid of where that will take us, what we will lose, and how we will change.

But “if nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” We would never grow as people and our lives would remain stagnate and boring. Adventure, romance and excitement would be lost. And blogs like this one would fall into an array of boring nothingness.

Knowing that change is inevitable can comfort us during our worst moments. And humble us during our best ones.

So I am joining all the New Year hopefuls and embracing change!

I am in the middle of the extremely stressful process of moving out of my apartment and into a 3 bedroom house. (Who moves during one of the busiest and most financially strained months of the year? This genius and her equally bright boyfriend!) As I am packing, I am getting rid of the old in hopes of a less cluttered life and lifestyle. And I’m beginning to contemplate all the changes I want to accomplish during the new year. Maybe I too can be a beautiful butterfly in 2014! Bring it on!

Wings of Change

Are you afraid of change or do you welcome it with open arms? What changes do you want to make in  2014?

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  • Lauren Gardner

    I’m a big fan of change! I get bored so quickly with the same old stuff… but I do not envy you moving 🙂 Hope it goes smoothly!

    • Thanks, Lauren! I always hate moving, but I’m very excited to have a yard for the dogs. So hopefully it will be a nice smooth move.

  • I don’t like all change, but most of it is for the better, sometimes it takes me a while to get used to it.

    Good luck with the house move!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited to get moved in. I’m just not excited about the actual moving process. And I agree most change is for the better even if we don’t always see it.