My Valentine Reveal

Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day was a testament to being me. I traded in the fancy clothes and lavish meal for PJs and snuggling in bed with Troy and the fur babies. Not only did we avoid the horde of couples out and about hunting for the perfect date, but we found our perfection while channel surfing in bed. Okay, maybe this was more of a testament to me being lazy, but it was still a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

We didn’t stress about where to go, what to buy each other, or how we were going to pay for the mandated Valentine’s Day romance. Instead, there was tickling, laughter, cuddles, plans for our future business ventures, and love. While Troy did surprise me with adorable owl earrings that I had recently spotted at Books-A-Million, a night lounging in bed was all I truly needed.

At least, that’s what I thought until I received my gift from my Valentine, Danielle! I couldn’t wait to open my package and see what was waiting for me inside. (That’s what she said. Is it too early in the morning for that?) And I was not disappointed!

valentine's day gift, gift exchange

Upon opening the package, I spotted the most adorable cupcake jar that I have ever seen. I never realized how much I needed a cupcake jar until I received one. Now I can’t imagine my home without it! The jar was handmade by Danielle and filled with my favorite gummy bears. Seriously, my boyfriend and I have been trying to track down those gummy bears since we tasted them in a frozen yogurt shop in Austin. And now they arrived at my door in the cutest little jar. How perfect is that?!

In addition to the jar, the package included more gummy bears to ‘keep my jar full’ and Ferrero Rocher to feed my chocolate addiction. It was so sweet for Danielle to spend her time creating this amazing gift for me. It was beyond what I expected and I am so lucky to have her as a Valentine. Now go check out her blog. Do it. Now!

Cupcake Jar craft, Valentine's Day gift

Cupcake art, Valentine's Day gifts
How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? And what amazing gifts did you receive?