Love EVERY Body #7: Legs & Feet

Love EVERY Body

It’s that time of month again. No, not THAT one. It’s time to Love EVERY Body! This month we’re focusing on the base that holds everything up – our legs and feet.

Having a pear shape means that I carry my weight on the bottom half of my body, so my legs have always been fairly large and shapely. My thighs are thick with hints of cellulite and stretch marks. But like I said last time, why worry about something you can’t change? I mean, the dreaded C word has less to do with being fat and more to do with the way your body stores fat. Even the slimmest people can be rocking a little cellulite. As for those stretch marks, they’re the battle wounds I earned for surviving puberty. I deserve something for making it through all those crushes, pimples and style mishaps!

Taking my legs for a spin in Vegas in 2010

Taking my legs for a spin in Vegas in 2010

My lovely stems have always been fairly muscular making them more like stalks. My father always joked that the strength of my legs made me the perfect candidate for kicker on the football team. Unfortunately for him, I was always more interested in flirting with the football players than the actual game.

These days I’m carrying around a few (or a lot of) extra pounds, but my legs continue to retain their musculature. Of course, this means that finding knee high boots that fit around my calves is damn near impossible, and completely worthy of a football style victory dance. Those years of flirting with football players were definitely not wasted! Total win.

While I do like the shape of my legs, I wish they were a bit slimmer. Combine that with my lazy shaving habits and you’ve got legs that remain hidden from the light of day. I’m pretty sure they run the risk of melting if they step foot in the sun.

Don’t get me wrong. In the spirit of ZZ Top, I do have legs and I definitely know how and love to use them . . . to walk, dance, chase my fur babies, hike, swim and kick Troy when he’s being too annoying (just kidding .. sort of). I’m also quite capable of using them, in all their furry sexiness, to strut my stuff. Okay, maybe I do actually have to shave for this one, but it’s worth it (on special occasions).

My feet are a size 8 1/2 and a little bit wide, but they serve me well. They carry the weight of my body, while also working with my legs to allow me the freedom to wander the world in cute shoes. What more could a girls ask for?

How do you feel about your legs and feet?

  • kathy@vodka and soda

    i love my legs. they have never been “model skinny” but they’ve always been strong. when i used to workout at a gym, people would look at my legs and ask how much i can squat.

    my feet are a different story; i love them because they’re *my* feet but damn, they’re wide and flat and are like fred flintstone’s!

    • I think you have amazing legs! You are also much more diligent about working out than I am. 😀 And as for feet, I think most people hate theirs.

  • Nic

    My legs are a bit meh to be honest but they hold me up now and again sometimes. I have difficulty finding boots to fit as well I can’t even get nice wellies to fit 🙁 xx

    • You have awesome legs! It’s too bad about the wellies though. I love wellies! 😀

  • mark

    from what i have seen, you have amazing legs! very nice!

  • bahahahaha did you see my post last week about my toes? That is how I feel about my feet…… I do love my legs…it has taken some time I use to hate them but after I got Barre in my life definitely leaned them out!

    • Haha. I did see that! I think ‘bossy toe’ and ‘genius toe’ are pretty good names for them! Haha. And I think you have beautiful legs! 😀

  • this is a great post! im pear shaped as well, and i always struggled with my legs and the size of them compared to the rest of me. but im starting to care less and like them for what they do – carry me around, run half marathons etc. feet on the other hand, mine are size 10s and i think feet are so weird looking haha.

    • Haha! Feet are weird looking in general! 🙂 And I think it’s amazing that you run half marathons. I’m lucky if I can run after the ice cream man! Haha

  • I’m an 8 1/2 too. My best friend is also which is nice because she and I wear nowhere close to the same clothes but we can still share shoes 🙂

    • That’s awesome! It totally doubles the size of your shoe collection. Haha

  • Amanda

    Bahahahahah “furry sexiness!” LOVE IT!

  • Ah, wide calves! Me too. Love the top photo. Very nice stems! 🙂

  • Love your wonderful attitude!!! Definitely goes counter to the self-deprecating culture that seems to exist everywhere. I also have muscular legs and have only found ONE pair of knee high boots, which hardly can be zipped up with jeans or a few extra pounds. Nevertheless, they are strong and I used to climb hills on my bike better than my husband!

    • Thanks! And I know what you mean about the boots! I have a pair that definitely won’t fit with jeans. Ugh. They need to remedy this problem for girls like us! But yay for strong legs. 😀

  • Great post! Love the message. You’re beautiful! Stopping by from the Let’s Be Friends Blog Hop! 🙂