Living the Teen Dream

This week has been crazy busy preparing for my short trip to Houston and a week long visit from Troy’s parents when I get back, but I’m taking a break today to link up with the awesome Kathy for some Humpday Confessions. If that’s not a good reason to procrastinate, I don’t know what is.


I am just now unpacking those last 3 boxes that have been sitting in my dining room since our last move… in December. There’s nothing like a visit from your boyfriend’s parents to motivate you!


Tomorrow night I will be re-living my teen dreams by screaming my head off at a Backstreet Boys concert! And I’m so excited!

90s nostalgia

I attended the concert last year and could not hear for 3 days afterwards. Those women have some good lungs!

Backstreet Boys, Lynsey, Concert

I may or may not be as equally excited for the margaritas I already have planned for tomorrow.


The best thing about attending a concert as an adult is the ability to drink. Am i right?!

This is the Best

What do you have to confess today? What band or artist from your youth would you want to see in concert?

The Hump Day Blog Hop
  • kathy@vodka and soda

    i would LOVE to see NSync. i saw BSB when i was 24 (my husband-then-bf) came with me and i swear, we were the oldest in the crowd (of 14yr olds!). it was awesome.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    • Me too! If NSync had a reunion tour I’d be one of the first to buy tickets! Haha. And those 14 year old don’t know what they’re missing .. by that I mean the alcohol. 😀

  • Ahh Backstreet Boys. The good old days. Have fun girl!

  • hahaha we moved in december as well, and we have a whole room full of junk and unpacked boxes. oops.
    yay drinking is the best thing about being an adult, period. lol

    • Haha! We’ve also been using my “office” as a storage room. I say leave the boxes. And drinking is a pretty awesome perk of being an adult! 😉

  • Ahaha, totally with you with boxes. We STILL have some from last November and we’re moving again in two weeks haha. Oh well!

    And so jealous about the concert! Hope you have an awesome time!!

    • Haha! At least, it’s less stuff to pack! And thanks! I’m pretty excited about it. 😀

  • Kateri Von Steal

    Oh that sounds like so much fun! I swear, I’d do this, but I know I have no one who would go with me!

    But, whenever my favorite 90’s girl/boy band jams come on the radio.. I scream them out loud and proud!!!

    • They just don’t know what they’re missing! Luckily, I have a cousin who’s always willing to go with me. 😉 And I totally jam out to 90’s girl/boy bands all the time! haha

  • Margaritas are always worthy of getting excited for… I’m pretty sure I bleed lime and salt at this point in my life.


    • Haha! I’m pretty sure I bleed red wine at this point. It’s one of the greatest perks of being an adult. 😉

  • Is that your sister…you guys look a lot of alike if not! That should like fun but I’m too old and crappy to deal with the Tweens….maybe that is where drinking comes in handy 🙂

    • That’s actually my cousin.

      The crowd at the BSB concert is actually filled with adults trying to relive their youth, like me. Haha. There is also the occasional boyfriend/husband that got dragged to the concert. Poor fellas. I’m sure the drinking comes in handy for them too. 😉

  • AHH I haven’t been to a BSB concert since I was 14 but it was AWESOME.

    • You were so lucky! I never got to go when I was a teen, so I’m making up for it now. Hah.

  • drinking at concerts is the best!! margaritas are always exciting!

    • I love drinking at concerts! 😀 Or just drinking with music in general. Hah. BTW I’m excited about your new baby blog.

  • Margaritas and BSB? I think you have a winning night!

  • Amanda

    Have SO much fun at the BSB concert! JEALOUS!!!!!

  • NKOTB was my first concert ever, in 1988. I got Joe’s autograph before they were famous and I felt like hot shit as a result.

    I need to drink more margaritas. They are delicious.

    Have fun!

    • My sister had NKOTB posters plastered all over her wall. Hah. I’m sure she would have been so jealous of your autograph!

      And I say you make this a margarita summer! 😀

  • Being able to drinks at concerts is the best part of being an adult. BSB is such a blast from the past. Love it.

    • I totally agree! Being able to drink in general is the best part of being an adult. Haha. 😀

  • Have fun tonight with the screaming girls and drinking :). I’m not really into concerts but wouldn’t mind going to an Nsync concert if you twisted my arm. Or Spice Girls!

    • Thanks! We had a lot of fun. And I really wish NSync would tour! Though I’m sure I’d be at the Spice Girls concert too. Hah

  • I hope you had a great time at the concert!

  • We could definitely be friends I am SUPER jealous that you get to see Backstreet Boys :))))

    • A love for boy bands sounds like a great foundation for a friendship! 😀 Hah. It was so much fun.