I Don’t Like to Move It

Madagascar, I don't like to Move It Move It

I have been preparing for the move out of my apartment and into my new rental home for weeks now. And as I wallpapered the walls around me with the boxes of my life, I grew more and more excited for a change of scenery and an addition of space. I obsessively pinned home decor ideas on Pinterest, while daydreaming about my perfect home office and comfortable living room. I was ready to leave this apartment in the dust come moving day. But in true Friday the 13th style, moving day was filled with many mini-nightmares.

First, they messed up our appointment to get our internet connected pushing it back until next Friday. I can’t work without internet. And I can’t be there during the week to set it up because I have to be here, at my old apartment, to work. So I won’t be leaving this apartment in the dust quite yet.

Next, I arrived at the new digs to find it covered in a superb layer of filth, which my landlords forgot to remove after having the AC and other items repaired or replaced. Thanks for the extra chore on moving day, people. After a few hours of scrubbing the place down, I FINALLY began moving stuff in. And man did my body scream at me the following day. So to you I say, I do not like to move it, move it. (Unless it’s on the dance floor. Then I’m all about moving it.)

Despite all the little twists and turns, I’m still uber excited to move into the new place. So until then I will continue to plan out my perfect office with the help of my favorite designer, Pinterest.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Home Office Inspiration, Home Office decor

Home Office Decor, Home Office Inspiration

Home Office for Two, Home Office Design

What problems have you encountered when moving? Do you have any tips for a smooth moving process?