How to Beat the End of Summer Blues

Photo by kristykay22

Photo by kristykay22


It’s about that time – the vacations have been had, children are returning to school, and our tans rival those of the Jersey Shore. Summer is ending and our end of summer blues just beginning. How do you survive the low at the end of summer?

Display your photos

Chances are, you snagged a few snapshots of the best moments of your summer – that super awesome cannon ball you did into the pool, the amazing view from your hotel, or that group shot of you and your family. Don’t let those memories go to waste. Use them. Display some of your favorite photos in pretty frames, set one as the background on your computer, or make a scrapbook. Not only will they remind you of the super awesome summer you had, but they can help bring back some of the highs you felt.

Take a staycation

Just because summer is over does not mean your vacation has to be. Play the role of tourist in your town by going around to local museums, art galleries, or popular touristy spots. It’s easy to forget all of these places when we’re part of the local community. You might just get a new appreciation for your city. If a relaxing staycation is more your speed, give yourself a spa night at home. Take a relaxing bubble bath, listen to some soothing music, give yourself a facial, and drink a glass of wine. You might just relax yourself into a staycation coma!

Clean out the closet

Get a fresh start by clearing out all the clothing you don’t use or want anymore. Not only will you have a clean closet, but you’ll have an excuse to buy that cute outfit you’ve got your eye on. How can anyone be down in the dumps when they have a fall wardrobe to shop for?

Go out with a bang

What better way to say “sayanara” to the hot summer days than with a party! It could be a backyard barbecue, a bonfire on the beach, pool party, or simply a picnic. Just invite all your friends, grab some summer style grub, share your best summer tales, and party the summer blues right out of you!

Are you singing the ‘end of summer blues’? How do you combat the ‘end of summer blues’?