Hello World

Eternally WanderLyn is a lifestyle blog created and written by Lynsey, eternal wanderer and lover of all things chocolate. It’s a little bit of everything all rolled into one; life, love, travel, good eats, and all things silly!

I wanted to create a blog that encompassed the various aspects of a woman’s life and interests. We play many roles in our lives today. We are wives, mothers, daughters, fashionistas, self-proclaimed chefs, DIY mavens, adventurers, and more. So, why not be able to explore all the things that peak our interest in one place. Eternally WanderLyn can do just that and I hope you come along with me for the journey.

Eternally Wanderlyn      Living life on the edge: Ireland

By day, I am ESL phone teacher extraordinaire/blogger. What is a phone teacher? So glad you asked! I basically chit chat with folks overseas, while imparting my wisdom of the English language. I know! Talking on the phone all day (in pajamas), while being a Grammar Nazi?! Dream job!

By night, I snuggle with my dogs (who are basically tiny humans) and enjoy a good round of Netflix. Though, I can also be caught biking through the neighborhood, planning my next adventure, enjoying way too much Candy Crush, and whipping up a fancy feast (which may or may not include putting my expert phone skills to work and ordering a pizza).

Wanna know more? You can put those Facebook stalking skills to work here or tweet me. If you have any questions or comments, email me at lynsey (at) wanderlyn (dot) com.