Food Around Town: Yum Thai

Around Town is a series where I take you on a tour of my latest home, San Antonio, Texas, a city rich in history, culture, and Tex-Mex food. So grab your sombrero, put on your boots, and let’s get exploring! This month we are focusing on the Food Around Town.
Yum Thai Curry, Yum Thai Review

Around Town Food Edition: Yum Thai

After our Friday night lounge fest (aka the perfect Valentine’s Day!), Troy and I were in some serious need of some adventure and exploration beyond the TV screen. So on Saturday, we finally managed to drag our lazy butts out of bed in order to examine the quality of the retail therapy on our new side of town. That counts as adventure, right?

We wandered around a few thrift stores, poked our heads around the shopping center down the street, played with the puppies up for adoption outside of Petsmart, and drove on down to Game Over Games (satisfying the geek in both of us). I’d say we had a wonderfully productive day of retail exploration.

Eventually, after having worked up an appetite, we ended up moseying on over to Yum Thai. (This is Texas. Moseying is just second nature to us.)

Yum Thai is an adorable Thai food restaurant in the shopping center off of 1604 and Culebra. Walking in you immediately notice the subdued atmosphere with soft lighting and booths running along one side of the restaurant.

San Antonio Restaurants, Thai food restaurant

We were greeted quickly and escorted to a booth. Then the real fun started!

The menu offers a variety of curry dishes, salads, Thai noodles, and fried rice. For those who are not familiar with Thai food, rest assured. There are great descriptions of each dish, as well as photos. However, the real difficulty comes when it’s time to narrow down the choices. I wanted one of everything! Unfortunately, my waistline and my wallet would not allow for such a venture. But one day.

After an eternity of debating, Troy and I finally decided on the Bacon Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers to start. Then I chose the Panang Nuer (Panang Curry) with chicken, while Troy opted for the Shoo Shee Pla (deep fried fish with curry sauce).

The waitress was extremely helpful and patient during our entire back and forth of, “What do I want? This looks good. But maybe I want noodles instead.” So if indecision is your style, this is the place for you!

The Jalapeño Poppers were stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon creating the perfect flavor combination. I would gorge on these daily if I could. While Troy would eagerly jump on the bandwagon (he’s a sucker for some good bacon), I’m not sure I’d be willing to share my poppers! My precious.

Yum Thai Jalapeno Stuffed Poppers

Okay, Gollum moments aside, our main dishes were equally delicious! Troy was worried that his fish might be a bit too soggy having been drenched in curry, but he found that it perfectly combined with the curry to create a delectable meal. His plate even looked like a fish!

deep fried fish with curry sauce, Yum Thai Curry

Shoo Shee Pla

My entree was also delightful and full of flavor. While there weren’t as many vegetables as I’m accustomed to, the taste was reminiscent of some of the curry I enjoyed in London. So it was a complete win for me. And the best part is that you can order your curry to your preference – spicy, medium, or mild. Go ahead try the spicy. I dare ya!

Panang Curry, Yum Thai

Panang Nuer

Yum Thai is a definite must try if you’re in the mood for some great Thai food and friendly service. But if you’re feeling a little lazy (like me everyday), Yum Thai offers delivery, which is completely perfect for me. Because we all know it’s only a matter of time before I’m huddled in a corner stuffing my face with those jalapeño poppers. You can’t fight destiny.

Do you have any recommendations for some good curry or Thai food?

Note: All opinions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated for this post in anyway. Unfortunately.
  • Kate

    I swear Texas looks like it has THE BEST food!

    • Oh, there’s definitely a lot of good food in Texas! 😀 I think you need to make a trip.

  • We have an awesome Thai place right now the street and we get take out often. I almost always want a noodle dish and some Thai tea!

    • Yum! I love Thai tea. 🙂 Isn’t it great to have such good food within easy reach? 🙂

  • Mmm, this looks good, i love thai food! Its great to find new places to eat!

    • I love trying new places also. 🙂 Plus, I’m a sucker for some good curry!