Backstreets Back!

The concert that turned me into a screaming teenager

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013

We were totally excited for BSB.

I am currently 27 years old and can proudly say that I will still jam out to the music from my youth (no matter how embarrassing sometimes). I have no shame! So it was no surprise when my cousin and I decided to geek out at a Backstreet Boys concert in Houston fulfilling my teenage dream. The concert may have been about 14 years late, but it was totally worth the wait!

Opening the show were B5, who I had never heard of (Pardon me, while I show my age), and Jersey’s favorite tanned DJ, Pauly D. Honestly, before the show my cousin and I were so confused as to why a DJ would be opening at a concert. But after seeing Pauly D in action there was no question about it – he was amazeballs! Everyone was on their feet dancing, singing and fist pumping their little hearts out (which I totally mastered).

Backstreet Boys concert 2013, Pauly D

Then came the boys. And the boys do not disappoint! We were all transformed into the ghosts of our teenage selves as we screamed, danced, sang, and snapped tons of photos. (If it’s not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it didn’t happen!) I must say it was fun to be 13 again, if even for a night.

The boys may be more like middle aged men now, but their exuberance on stage is completely undeniable and totally catching. The light show dazzled, the boys sang a good mix of their old and new songs, and they took the time to interact with the audience (all of us love sick second round teenagers). The show was absolutely the teen dream come true!

Pat yourself on the back, BSB, you put on one hell of a show!

Here are a few of my favorite pics of the night. And you can check out some more on Facebook.

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB

Picture totally stolen from my friend.

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB, Kevin Richardson

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB, Nick Carter
Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB, Brian Littrell

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB, A.J. McLean

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB, Howie Dorough

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB

Backstreet Boys Concert 2013, BSB
What band or celebrity did you go crazy for as a teenager? Leave me some love and let me know!

  • Jacks aka ur awesome cuz haha

    Ahh! I’m so honored to be included on your page! Lol it was a blast hanging with you!! Love making memories 🙂 So proud of you for finally getting your blog up and running! Looks great! Keep it up!! Xoxo 😉

    • Eternally WanderLyn

      Hah! Thanks, Jacks! It was definitely one for the books. We have to do it again sometime. And thanks for the words of encouragement. 🙂 – Lynsey