A Letter to Monday

A Letter to Monday, Monday Blues


We meet again, my old foe. After a 2 day love-affair with my pillow, you came along and ripped me away from it in the wee hours of the morning. Did you learn nothing from Romeo and Juliet? Coming between two lovers is bound to have catastrophic effects. Random snooze fests during the day where I dream of my beloved pillow. Endless yawns that never seem to fade. Constant longing and questioning, “Where for art thou, pillow?” And a zombie like trance that I can only assume will land me a part in The Walking Dead.

Oh, Monday. As if the trauma of leaving my lovely pillow behind isn’t enough, my two days of freedom seem to have disappeared. The glorious days of sleeping in past 5:30 AM and binge watching Netflix seem so far in the past thanks to you. Now, I must rise before the sun kisses the sky good morning. And I must reluctantly accept adulthood and responsibility into my life. I suppose there really is ‘no rest for the wicked,’ especially when you ‘have bills to pay’ and are a notorious insomniac.

That’s right, Monday. I’m heartbroken and sleep deprived. Please, be kind to me and all the rest who are mourning the weekend today.


A girl in love with her pillow

If Monday was an actual person, what would you tell it today? Would you ask Monday to go easy on you?

  • Nic

    Lol fab letter to the horribleness that is Monday.

    If monday was a person I would probably want to slap its face haha, but violence never solves anything so I would just give it the death stare and ignore it and go back to bed. Xx

    • Haha. Yes, I think many people would want to slap it in the face. I hope you had a good Monday.

  • if monday was a person, she and i would’t be on speaking terms.

  • I always ask Monday to go easy on me. I love my weekends because they are more relaxed and my husband is at home all day to help with the kids lol. Hope Monday isn’t too mean to you today 🙂

    • Oh, I’m sure things are much easier with help from your hubby! I love being able to sleep in on the weekends. 🙂 I hope you had a good Monday.

  • I don’t care what Monday says. I’m taking a nap.

    • I definitely took a nap yesterday! I think naps are very much needed on Mondays.

  • Silly Monday, it thought the weekend was over!

    • It gets so confused sometimes. It doesn’t realize the weekend is here to stay! 🙂

  • I was so not ready for Monday this morning. I feel you, girl.

  • oh my gosh what a hilarious post! if monday was a real person i would ignore its calls, lol

  • I love this letter. Mondays are an asshole. A little less now that I don’t work in an office but they’re still not my favorite because alarm clocks and real life.

  • Jazmine

    I like the saying from Adventure Time ” I am in a relationship with my bed.” That’s how I feel when Mondays roll around. I tell my mother my bed will get jealous that I am spending too much time away from it. aha. However I get up eventually and drag myself through Monday. I loved your letter.

  • kathy @ vodka and soda

    i actually don’t mind mondays…that means i have 4 days to go till the weekend 🙂

  • I would definitely ask Monday to have clear skies but not have weather nice enough to have me sad to be inside, just nice enough for an easy commute!

    • That would definitely make things a little easier on a Monday morning. 🙂

  • It’s wrong/bad that I actually like Mondays because then I get to go to work and not be drained of my energy by my kids! So bad.

    • Haha! I’m sure many parents feel the same way. It’s like a mommy break time. 😀

  • You hit the nail on the head! Boo Monday!