6 Apps That Improve Productivity

Productivity Apps, Apps to Increase Productivity

With all the different roles we manage in our daily lives, we have begun to resemble circus performers – jugglers tossing tasks into the air like hot potatoes, tight rope walkers balancing on a limited timeline and lion tamers fending off beasts in the shape of angry bosses, difficult customers and fussy children. We never seem to have enough time to complete all the tasks on our to-do list, but we always seem to have stress by the bucket loads. So increasing our productivity is essential to maintaining our sanity (at least what’s left of it).

A few weeks ago I shared a few tips on how you can be more productive, but I know that sometimes we need a little shove in the right direction. These 6 apps are guaranteed to give you that shove and organize your life making you look less like a circus performer and more like the awesome person that you are.


Shoeboxed not only organizes your life, but it also declutters your home and office. I call that a total win! With this app you can digitally organize receipts and business cards, create expense reports, track your mileage, and more. And if you’re willing to shell out a little bit of extra cash, all the documents can be scanned for you by the awesome organizers at Shoebox. Just mail them off. Then enjoy a glass of wine to enjoy those precious minutes you gained.

Wunderlust 3 (cross-platform)

Are you an epic list maker? Then this app was definitely made with you in mind. Wunderlist lets you create all the lists you can think of – shopping, to-do, favorite movies, your 5 celebs (you know what I’m talking about), Christmas list, bucket list, etc. – and share them with your family and friends or sync them to all your devices for easy access. So now you can plan out your vacation, work on that team project for work and discuss all those book options for your book club in one place.

Carrot (ios)

If you prefer a punishment/reward program with your list making, then Carrot is the way to go. Described as the “to-do list with a personality”, Carrot makes completing tasks into a game. You earn points for crossing things off your to-do list in order to level up and win small rewards. There are hundreds of possible rewards including stories, fortune cookies, personalization upgrades, and a virtual pet cat. It will definitely take you back to the days of Tamagotchi! But if you don’t complete your tasks, be warned. Carrot will not be happy and a few insults may be coming your way.


Available for both Android and ios phones, EasilyDo is the assistant you always wanted. It saves you precious time by automating over 40 different tasks from sending a text to let your hubby know you’re leaving the office to posting a pre-scheduled birthday post on your friend’s Facebook page. It also organizes your daily life by allowing you to manage your calendar and contacts, get updates to the weather and your social media, get directions to your next appointment, track packages and your travel info, and so much more. It’s basically your life line in an app.

Rescue Time

If you’re like me, procrastination is a part of your working style. A little Candy Crush here. A little Twitter there. And before you know it an hour has passed and you’ve got nothing to show for it. Well, now you can improve your productivity by getting a complete breakdown on how you’re spending your time on your phone and computer. Rescue Time keeps track of everything you do and for how long giving you a view of just how much time you’re actually spending crushing candy. This may be the reality check you need to step away from the games and get down to business.

Focus Me

For some people, me included, a simple breakdown of my time is not going to stop me from procrastinating. The Force is not strong with this one. Luckily, Focus Me has the solution for procrastinators like me. It blocks all those tempting sites and apps and for a set period of time forcing you to get to work. And if you want to schedule a break from your computer, you can set it to block everything encouraging you to get up and walk away from the screen. Or at the very least switch to your TV. 🙂

What apps do you use to organize your life and increase productivity?

  • Very impressive list! The Rescue Time sounds helpful but also a little scary. I don’t really want to know how I waste my time ;). And I downloaded EasilyDo but found another check list that’s more simple. I don’t like all the cool features. Nevertheless, the Carrot one sounds hilarious! Wish they had it for Androids.

    • Haha! I know what you mean. I don’t want to know that I spent the last hour playing Candy Crush or surfing FB. 🙂 I would totally use Carrot if they had it for Android. It’s so funny.

  • I use Wunderlist. Carrot sounds really amusing though.

    • Wunderlist is pretty awesome too though. 🙂 I’m pretty much a list making machine.

  • kathy@vodka and soda

    i use Flipp – the app that brings your favorite weekly flyers right to your phone. you can “clip” coupons, save favorites etc…i love it 🙂

    • Oh, I have Flipp on my phone too. I sometimes forget it’s there though. Oops. Haha.

  • I love these. I have never heard of these either so I will be checking them out now. Thanks for sharing because I have been struggling with being productive.

    • I hope these will help improve your productivity! 🙂 Just remember taking a break can be just as good.

  • I love lists! totally downloading that one 🙂

  • Oooh, all of these apps sounds super helpful! I am off to check out all of them! Thanks!!! 🙂

  • Michael

    I’ll be giving a bunch of these a try! Thanks for the heads up!